On Having Surgery

Yesterday, I had my surgery.  I ended up having a laparoscopy, hysteroscopy, and a D&C.

The worst part of yesterday was the waiting for the surgery to begin.  I hate waiting in general, but I especially hate waiting when my iPhone is locked in a cabinet.  Guess I couldn’t tweet my surgery.  Don’t these people know I’m on the internet?

They gave me a sedative right before surgery, and I don’t even remember entering the OR.  I just woke up later all surgered.

Ted spoke briefly with the doctor, but I did not.  Apparently, I have advanced endometriosis, which was a surprise to us.  I don’t have any of the pain or bleeding usually associated with endometriosis, so I was a bit taken aback.  I guess it was quite advanced…so much so that they called another doctor in to have a look.  At this point, I really don’t know what any of this will mean.  I’ve been getting a lot of questions, but I just can’t answer them right now.  We have a follow-up appointment next week, and I’ll know more after that.  I’m trying not to think about my appointment at this point.

Right now, I am home and resting.  I have two small incisions — one in my belly button, and one a few inches below that.  They are tender and make it hard for me to move.  I also have a good deal of pain from the gas they pumped into my abdomen.  The gas pain likes to travel, so I frequently wish I had the ability to fart out of my shoulder or neck.

I’m uncomfortable, but the pain is managable.  It’s just hard to sleep comfortably when you can’t move your body core.

Thank you to everyone who has e-mailed, called, tweeted, texted, send cards and gifts.  Seriously, your support is amazing, and I really appreciate it.


  1. Relax and hope you feel better soon!

  2. I hope you get feeling better soon!! I wish I lived closer, I’d come and make you lunch and watch Glee over and over with you.

    Lots of love,

  3. After seeing all the votes you received on 20sb for next month’s featured blogger, I just had to wander over to see what the hype was about. Sorry I came in on such a sad note, but I do hope you feel well soon hun. I hate to see anyone down and out for even just a few days.

  4. My aunt had endometriosis. She’s fine now, but it wasn’t easy. So sorry you have to go through all of this. Sending warm wishes your way!

  5. You take care of yourself, lady friend. I’m glad to hear things went alright, but sad to hear you’re uncomfortable. Not going to lie though, your comment about farting out of your shoulder cracked me up. Kudos to you for maintaining your delicious sense of humor through all of this, and for sharing your experience.

    I’m pulling for ya.

  6. Oh my! Well I am glad you are okay but sad to hear that the surgery ended up leaving you in pain. I hope the discovery of the new endometriosis doesn’t hinder the baby making process. I’m still sending prayers up for you and I hope you feel better!

  7. I’m glad the surgery’s all done with and you’re home resting! 🙂

  8. Still holding you in the Light. 🙂

    I hope the pain and gas subsides and you can get the rest you need.
    My cousin was diagnosed with endometriosis in high school — it was painful, both physically and emotionally, for her. However, she’s expecting her first child right now… Again, thinking about you and wishing you the best in all this.

  9. Yeah the sleeping with the core incisions sucks. After my C-section I always needed my morphine button to roll over. Owie!

    Glad that the surgery went well! You’ll feel better in no time and will finally have some answers. Woohoo!

  10. At first I read “hysteroscopy” as “hysterectomy” and I was all, “YOU DIDN’T FREAKING MENTION THAT TODAY!”

    You definitely didn’t look like you had just had surgery, by the way. Even in your nerd shirt, you looked great. 🙂

  11. Feel better soon!!!

  12. glad it went ok! let me know if you come up with a way to fart out of your shoulders or neck…i hear that’s tricky=)
    rest up and feel better soon!

  13. Many, many hugs to you, Erin. Let’s hope that the worst is over now.

    & like Renee, I too read “hysterectomy” not “hysteroscopy.”

    Feel better! <3

  14. I’m so happy that things went all right and that you’re on the mend. Sending you some positive thoughts, lady!

  15. I’m glad to hear that you are on the road to recovery. Surgery sucks but at least you have a loving husband and plenty of us to turn too. Continued prayers coming your way. xoxox

  16. Glad you’re home and resting. I was thinking about you yesterday. Big hugs/kisses for you.

  17. I hope you feel better soon! After my mom’s surgery this year where she had a pretty big incision, I remember the gas being the worst part about it – she looked like she was pregnant with it!
    Rest and take care of yourself!

  18. I am so glad you have this behind you! My BF has had these procedures done too and she says the gas that bloats you up was so uncomfortable. I know it wasn’t exactly the news you were expecting, but at least now you know and you can move forward. For me, not knowing was the worst!

    Hugs and love,


  19. I’m glad you’re this much closer to getting some answers and figuring out what to do next. I’m also glad that I am coming up and buying you cupcakes in less than a week.

    On another note, the BlogHer ad on the sidebar today…kinda irrelevant–they know how to pick them, huh?

  20. Hope you have a relaxing and stress-free weekend! If I was in Chicago I would totally be baking you cookies and bringing them over for you.

  21. Rest up, lady. Rest up! Big hugs to you both. x

  22. Feel better Erin, I’m so thankful that you went ahead with the surgery option so you could find this out- one of my friends has severe endometriosis and I’m so, so, so happy that you don’t have its pain. I used to work with my friend and there were days before she had her hysterectomy (she couldn’t cope with the pain, it was her best option) that she couldn’t walk because of it.

    If I was near you I would be over there (with phil, evidently lol) with flowers and cookies and puppies who would love to cuddle you. Heal up well, miss, I’m thinking of you.

  23. Hugshugshugs!!! Thinking of you, and keeping my fingers crossed for a good prognosis!! 🙂

  24. Lets see some owl pajamas!

  25. I had the same procedures done 4 years ago- I remember the recovery is a bummer but only for about 3 or 4 days so you don’t have too much further to go! The good news is (and I’m sure your doctor told you) that with endo, having the surgery HELPS the baby making process so you won’t regret the decision. LMK if you have questions, sometimes it helps to hear from people in the same boat 🙂

  26. Thank you for keeping us posted on how you are doing!! I know that you are feeling kinda crappy right now, but based on what everyone else says, it sounds like you made the right choice for you and Ted. As always you are both in my thoughts and I can’t wait to hear the latest!!

  27. You are in my thoughts…I hope you heal soon from your surgery. Hugs from me! Kisses from my doggies!

  28. So sorry I missed this, but I was very glad to see on FB that you’re back in pants! Just in time for cute fall clothes weather, right?

    Hope you’re doing well. xoxo

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