A Vlog Virign No More

All right, dear readers, here it is!  My very first video blog.  I have answered the questions posed by 20-something Bloggers, and even given you an awesome tour of my classroom.  I hope you like it!  (And I hope it works!)

First Vlog for 20sb from Erin on Vimeo.

I know it was a little long…but there’s a lot of stuff in my classroom!


  1. I can’t even tell you how much money the newf invested into his reading corner. He most recently bought fly netting to make it an entire cave of learning or something.

    Yay for your video!

  2. I love it – your reading area is amazing! Nice to meet you = )

  3. OMG you are adorable. Also, you have great hair.

    Your classroom looks like a great environment for your students. It’s clear you put a lot of thought into their needs when you put it all together. But, then, why wouldn’t you, when you are such an amazing teacher?

    Tim has that same puzzle piece bulletin board border in his classroom.

    I love that your “messy table” is the cleanest surface in your classroom.

  4. You are TOO cute! And your accent — love it!

    Your classroom looks like a perfect place for your students! I just about died at the Ho Ho Mug part — everything around our house is a Ho Ho at Christmas — and your classroom looks fantastic! All the different activities, the decorations, all that stuff. I wish I had a school bus in preschool…

  5. I loved your video blog! I especially loved seeing your classroom. That was the best.

    And the corgi calendar. Baby Edie!

  6. Fun! I love to see the inside of teachers’ classrooms. I’d love to hang out in yours.

  7. Great vlog! I love your classroom! My mom used to teach 1st grade, and your room reminds me a lot of hers! I agree with Audrey–you have awesome hair!

  8. I love it! Absolutely wonderful idea. I may have to post a video tour of my classroom. What a cool thing to put on a blog. And you’re right – I want a school bus like yours! But I teach 3rd grade, so I’m guessing it isn’t correlated to my curriculum. Rats. 🙂

  9. Your classroom is adorable. Thanks for participating in 20sb vlog day!

  10. Well done with that Erin! I read the rules of it and I thought about participating, but I chickened out.

    Your class room is excellent and I loved your story of the man running into you!

  11. It’s so cool to see you for real!

  12. P.S. Edward Cullen is a weenie!

  13. You may have inspired me to try a vlog someday!

  14. I loved your vlog.
    And your classroom….

    I wish I had some dragon scales.

  15. You are so damn cute!

  16. I love your classroom! Such wonderful activity centers. Reminds me a bit of our kindergarten days at FVMS.

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