Things You Might Not Know About Me

I love to quote movies and TV shows. I almost always have a quote in my head, but I rarely say them because I figure no one will know what I’m talking about. “If the world ends…beep me.”

My first real boyfriend was a boy I met online. In the Seventeen Magazine chatroom. Back in my AOL days. Seriously. And no, he wasn’t some 40-year-old creeper. I actually met him. He came to visit and stayed at my house. I went to San Francisco to visit him. Alone. I still can’t believe my parents let me do that…

My freshman year of college, I was in a play called “The Love Talker.” I played this earthy, fairy creature type thing. I didn’t have any lines, but I got to creep around the audience with crazy hair and make-up.

When I’m sick, I really love to eat McDonald’s. Greasy, nasty, not even real food McDonald’s. There is nothing I love more when I have a cold.

After college, Ted and I were supposed to join the Peace Corps. Not just thinking about it, we had actually applied, were accepted, and had assignments. It fell through and that remains one of my life’s biggest disappointments. You can read about it here.

I have a serial killer room in my house. It was here when we moved in. I mean, I don’t think anyone was actually killed in there, but it’s super creepy. We have this “room” in our basement with black fabric covering all of the walls. See:


It just feels like the kind of room where a serial killer would keep a victim before he killed her. There are even little, weird touches like flowers on the window. Creeeeeeeepy.


What don’t I know about you?


  1. Um, all of these things make me like you even more.

    My grandmother joined the Peace Corps in her late 60s and lived in Fiji for several years. You and Ted could always do it in your retirement years!

  2. And you left the room like that???

  3. For the longest time I wanted to be a singer. I originally went to my college as a vocal major, which lasted about a year before I switched to Journalism. Yes, I have a Journalism degree that is basically useless and I’m now finishing up nursing school.

    I met my first online friend back when I was in junior high school. I am still amazed my parents let me do that, but they were there too. Since then I haven’t really met people from online in person. I can never go to conferences either due to money or time contraints.

  4. Dude, that is a super creepy room. Have you gone over it with a black light? On second thought, I’m not sure that’s a good idea. Ignorance is bliss, right?

  5. Interesting about the room with the black fabric!

    I too crave junk and greasy food when I’m sick. Glad I’m not alone in that.

    Let’s see… I own every single season of Sex & the City, Gilmore Girls and Friends. I have almost all of the seasons of Northern Exposure and Rescue Me. I really love to own TV On DVD, especially for the series that I absolutely adore!

  6. Too funny! That is interesting about meeting your first boyfriend! I am glad it all worked out, but man, that could have been bad.

    Hmmm… I am a messy clean freak. I’ll let my bedroom get messy for a few days, and then it drives me crazy and I have to clean it all up again perfectly. I don’t know why I just can’t keep it clean in the first place *sigh*

  7. This is such a fun list! I laughed about several of these, because I am in the same camp:

    I met a guy in college in a chatroom. We hit it off, and met one night. In the (deserted) geography building, and talked all night. We dated for about 2 months.

    My favorite part in a play was when I played an escaped asylum patient in a play called “One of our Clowns is Missing.” I got to wear sweats and a tutu with a tiara and a wand and dance around completely ignoring what was going on on stage. It was a ton of fun.

    After I had my son (after 22 weeks of managing GD with diet only, and he was born at 32 weeks, mind you), all I wanted was a McDonald’s cheeseburger and fries with a real (non-diet) Coke. So, my sister went and got it for me. And I sat in the hospital bed eating all this heart-clogging food, and loved every minute of it.

    Oh, and that room? It might have just been designed as a dark room for photo developing, rather than anything sinister.

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