IUI by the Numbers

3 — hours driven in blizzard-like conditions to get to and from clinic for IUI

1 — lousy little follicle

5.75 million — lousy sperm

3 — number of times I’ve been made to feel like an inconvenience by a particular nurse

2 — number of times said nurse has changed my double IUI to a single

1 — complete meltdown to on-call nurse today due to bad numbers leading to…

1 — giant complaint issued against nurse who keeps screwing with my fertility treatments

15 — number of times I’ve cried in the past 5 hours

1 — very sad, angry, and disappointed Erin


  1. I’m sorry things are so sucky. I really hope the nurse is reprimanded. My fingers are crossed and prayers have been said that this is the cycle.

  2. *hugs* I am so sorry. I hope something happens in response to your complaint.
    .-= Low Fat Lady´s last blog ..Decisions =-.

  3. Oh man… Erin I am sorry things are so tough for you right now…and I am glad you are making a complaint.. this journey is too important to be messed with.

  4. Add me to those hoping something happens in response to your complaint. That nurse sounds horrible.
    .-= Lisa´s last blog ..Another kind of blue. =-.

  5. What a day–you deserve way better than that nurse. They should have WAY more sensitive, helpful people ready. Is this the same one who was jumbling your appointments early on too?

    Good luck.
    .-= Elizabeth´s last blog ..Just really quick! =-.

  6. 15 – times you’ve cried in the past 5 hours?!? NO my poor Erin!!!! I wish I were closer to you so I could hug and cuddle and smooth you even just the slightest little bit…

  7. Oh, that sounds awful. I’m sorry – hopefully your complaint will encourage some changes in the nursing staff!
    .-= APlusB´s last blog ..Frustrated and sad, but intent on enjoying the holiday! =-.

  8. Ew! What’s with that nurse? Kick her in the balls!
    .-= Britt´s last blog ..A Scene from Monday Night =-.

  9. I’m sorry. Thinking of you. x
    .-= Bluebelle´s last blog ..Books of Oh Nine =-.

  10. *hugs*
    Here’s to hoping that nurse gets put in her place.
    Thinking of you in NC!

  11. So did the IUI not happen? or definitely not work? Or are you just being pessimistic? That would suck to go all the way out there to have it have 0 chance of working.

  12. boo to the max *hugs* i hope this becomes 1 baby and 1 fired nurse
    .-= michelle´s last blog ..swagtastic =-.

  13. Boo. I’m sorry πŸ™

    I hate to hear that nurses are so mean to you because my mom is a nurse, and I know she doesn’t treat her patients the way you are being treated.
    .-= Jessica´s last blog ..A Very Merry Classy Christmas (In Photos) =-.

  14. If that nurse is bitching about you having your IUIs on holidays, tell her to fuck off, from me. She is working, at HER JOB. And getting paid a hell of a lot to work on a holiday. Smile and be sympathetic, for Christ sakes (sorry Jesus!).
    .-= barbetti´s last blog ..Christmas Recap, Chez Barbetti =-.

  15. **hugs and prayers to you**
    .-= Classroom Confessions´s last blog ..NYC Christmas Day 1 =-.

  16. Huge hugs to you, Erin! I’m keeping you in my thoughts…
    .-= Phil´s last blog ..Don’t You Mess Around With Me =-.

  17. I’ll help you take that nurse down. She has been making me mad too!
    .-= Stephanie´s last blog ..Christmas Eve =-.

  18. Stupid nurse. She sounds like an awful person. So did you issue a complaint to someone about her? I hope you did because she needs to be fired! Where’s the compassion? Ugh.
    .-= Stephany´s last blog ..Merry Christmas! =-.

  19. Seriously, if that nurse wants to work so badly in that particular “business” then they need to move on to a new facility…some other sort of environment. GAH. Doesn’t she realize what you’re going through!? πŸ™

  20. Oooh that sounds so rough. I’m sorry!
    .-= Erin´s last blog ..The Best of 2009: Social Web Moment =-.

  21. Gosh, what a nightmare. So sorry πŸ™

    Erin, I don’t think I ever thanked you for the sweet Christmas card. Thank you so much! You are the sweetest.
    .-= michelle woo´s last blog ..Merry Christmas! =-.

  22. As if you don’t have enough to deal with, mean nurses are so not acceptable.

    If you need me to don my all black clothes + sunglasses and come up there to yell at these people, I’m there.

    Sending you love and hugs. You’re a brave, strong woman.
    .-= Nora´s last blog ..New Year, New Name! =-.

  23. I’m so sorry that this IUI didn’t go well and the horrible nurse is unacceptable. I’m thinking of you and hoping that this turns out to be your cycle. Hugs.
    .-= Al´s last blog ..Second Beta =-.

  24. Wow! I can’t even imagine how angry you must be with the nurse! I hope the complaint gets addressed and I hope maybe this means that a new nurse handling things the right way will mean an easier process.
    .-= Allie´s last blog ..Did I forget to mention we live in the Arctic? =-.


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